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"THE DOLLS VOL. 2" Photography Book w/ Poster

THE DOLLS VOL. 2 Photography Book
Includes Exclusive 8x10 Polaroid Poster Print

Signed and Unsigned Copies Available

Fashion photographer Marco Ovando is excited to announce the release of his second photography book, The Dolls Vol.2, after two years of the release of his first edition. 

The Dolls Vol.2 contains never seen images shot exclusively for the release, and over 250 pages featuring icons of the award-winning program and cultural phenomenon, RuPaul’s Drag Race. Ovando has worked extensively with many of the artists in the ground-breaking international tours "Werq the World", "Drive N’ Drag", "Night of the Living Drag", and beyond-- where the talent is referred to as “the queens” by staff and crew... but the girls, themselves, use a different moniker-- “the dolls.”

In his career of fashion photography spanning 30 years, Ovando has always been at the forefront of capturing the glamour of the drag world, from the very first season of  RuPaul’s Drag Race, now 15 years ago. 

The Dolls with a collaboration between Brandon Voss of Voss Events (producer of (“Werq the World", "Drive N' Drag", "Night of the Living Drag", "RuPaul's Drag Race Vegas LIVE") to provide a glimpse of this fascinating world of drag and performances through the eye of Ovando’s camera.

Split into four sections, The Dolls begins with studio and on-set portraits of the top drag queens that Ovando has been capturing for years. Included are winners such as cover doll Aquaria (season 10), Yvie Oddly (season 11), Jaida Essence Hall (season 12) , Violet Chachki (season 7) and newly crowned season 15 Winner Sasha Colby.

Readers will then see the grandeur of the queens’ performance in the following sections “The Shows” and “The BTS” (behind the scenes) where Ovando has shared exclusive photos from the tours and the popular Las Vegas residency, “RuPaul’s Drag Race Vegas LIVE.”

Lastly, we see the dolls in their element as both event guests-- at premier events such as the Met Gala-- and the featured entertainment in the final section “The Parties” with photos from fabulous parties around the world.

From photographer Marco Ovando comes The Dolls vol.2— an intimate look into the lives of the world’s favorite drag superstars with over 200 pages of glamour and exclusive never-before-seen photos. The Dolls is a must for any Drag Race superfan and photography enthusiast, providing an intimate window into this world of entertainers that are adored worldwide.
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